Sunday, March 16, 2008

More Live Work... Straight off the Grill!!!

This pretty lady was done last week in Citywalk! She's European(i'm not sure what nationality) and a good sport! I actually draw two pictures of her because she wanted one of her smiling, which was done after the drawing above! I hated the smiling one, but this was alright!

This nice couple were good sports indefinitely! I didn't mess em' up as you can see, but there family was giving them a hard time! The whole day I pretty much took my time to try and do some good work rather than just blow through it! My goal is to get to the point where my drawings look just as good whether I'm taking my time or crankin. Today I take my time... until the last hour, but the drawings were still good! Anyways, back to the drawings at hand! They loved the drawing, I'm ok with it!

This was a new experience for me! These two were some of the people that were waiting for me to draw them. When they sat down the girl wanted me to exaggerate them, the guy didn't! Needless to say I listened to the girl. I had a lot of fun drawing them! I tried my damnedest to stretch them and keep a likeness at the same time! I think I succeeded a bit! When I showed them they laughed! The guy was like I told you so to the girl who was shakin up a bit, but still very appreciative, she just couldn't deny the likeness! Score 1 for Samuel!

I absolutely love this drawing of these kids! When I saw the boy I knew exactly what I wanted to do! The girl wasn't as successful as the boy! I see what I did and realized that I do it alot! I'ma work on that, but in the mean time this drawing was success and solidified my run until the end of the day! All in all today showed some great progress in my opinion! I'd love to know what you think! Go ahead and comment and let me know what you think and give me some pointers! Peace ya'll!!!!

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