Monday, March 31, 2008

A Butt-Load of Live Work!

These two were a sugnificant challenge for me! for some reason I didn't feel I could get them! I took my sweet time on it, thinking I was doin a good job... until I looked at the pic later! I still got alot of work to do!

This adorrible little girl was great! Although she barely looked at me, I was, and am, very pleased with the outcome! She looks like the Japanese flag!

This was their first caricature, aswell as their 1 year anniversary! It was kinda portraity, all in all I think I failed them, but they loved it anyways!

This kid was at the beginning of a soon to be very bad day! Drawings and airbrushing was a discrace later on! I enjoyed this and next one very much!


I wanted to spit game at the girl in yellow bad man! I would have had she not been 17! How ever there is a girl in this pic I did get at though, guess which! Anyways, I hate the drawing! I took my time on it only to get a half ass likeness on the girl on the left and horrid blending of colors! God I can't wait until I get better at this!

These three were fun! I had to screw with this dudes eyes! I was pretty leniant to the girls, but all in all the drawing came out well!

The last drawing of one of the days I worked! I'm really pleased with this one! Not only is the drawing solid, the airbrushing is good, and I used a markette! If I've never mentioned before, I could never use markers at work to save my life in the past! The next day or two I used nothing but the markettes and it was fun! I'm so glad about that man!

I took my time on this couple! I wanted it to be a really good one to post! It's good, but not as good as I intended! Oh well, back to the drawing board!

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