Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New Live Work!!! It's about Time!

Well, ladies and gentleman, I have now run up enough courage to post my live work from my job at Universal Studios! I plan using this to look at these over time to hopefully see the growth and note what needs to change in my work! Not to mention give you guys who actually give a damn something to look at! I won't have alot to post unfortunately because I work only 3 days a week due to school ( I'm an Animation Major if you didn't know), but hopefully I can scramble up enough good drawing to share with ya'll! Critiques and suggestions are more than welcome so anyone who knows me, or hell if you don't, please give me you input on what you think about the work! Thanks ya'll... enjoy!

This couple was really nice! They sat and kept the same face the whole time! I took my time the whole day, trying to do good drawings! I really liked this one... until I looked at it later! Damn off center eyes! The coloring needs work too! Shoot!

This is from this past Sunday working at Citywalk! It rained most of the day really, really hard! When it cleared up, I was a little disappointed, but relieved that I may make some money that day! Me and my boy Ed didn't get a run until about 8:30p.m. and we close at 9... at least we were suppost to. These two were very appreciative of the drawing. I like the drawing of the guy, and that girl... not so much! I had airbrush problems all day!

These two where the last ones of the day... at 10:30p.m. The coloring could have been better, but like I said the brush wasn't on my side that day! It was a decent drawing, I caught the girl without a doubt!

These three were fun! Their mom loved the whole ordeal! I cranked through it thought!

Here you go! I call it the three omigos! I have some problems with it, but overall I think it was a success, especially since is was a 10 minute drawing! They loved them some Cowboys!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Chioma... the Myspace Celebrity!

This is a close friend of mine I went to school with. She's a nursing student and does some modeling on the side! Her curves are stupid ya heard me! Rediculously thick and shapely girl! I never got a chance to draw her so I did this caricature of her! She hasn't seen it yet, I hope she likes it!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

New Model Sketch!

This is my second drawing of the beautifully thick Ms. Bria Myles! I love her look! Chocolate skin, beautiful eyes, Thick frame, ass out this world, but classy at the same time! The first was in airbrush and I loved it, this time I wanted to do something a bit different! The cross-hatching worked out great in my opinion and i'm really happy with the results! I spent a good hour and a half on this sketch last night before I hit the hay! I went to bed a happy man! I revised it with some photoshop since I can't just scan it in! I have to take pictures of my work to get them on here!Enjoy people!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A gift for my boy!

This is a Drawing from my boy Damion! Tight ain't he?! I kept lookin at this when I first saw it and said to myself it's missing one thing, and one thing only.... A dark background! So I took it in photoshop and did that to livin it up! I think it looks good, hopefully Damion will too! Good Job man!

Monday, February 18, 2008

What can I say I love the cake! Ass that is!

So I was at home recently and wanted to airbrush something! I thought to myself, "Why not a thick chick?" So I got on the internet and freezeframed a video of a random thick girl and worked with it! It came out cool in my opinion! I wasn't gonna post this cause I didn't know if people were gonna take it the right way or not! After awhile I said screw everybody, I love big asses dammit! Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Story Untold.... for now!

I'm still putting together the story for my untitled comic series! I'll be doing alot of concept art for it and a grip of doodles so get used to that! Hopefully they'll be good and you guys will like em! I did this one at a drink and draw a couple of weeks back and i'm just now getting to posting it! tell me what you think!

Friday, February 8, 2008

I got 5 on it! ... Well, maybe 3!

This above is the stepping stone of my airbrushing done last month! I drew this of co-worker and friend, Chris Meesey to focus my coloring skills! It was a huge success in my opinion! He actually loved it, thats new for me when it comes to my work and Chris's feelings about them!Now if I could only do a good exaggeration of him, I'd really be in the ball park!

Today at Citywalk I worked by myself all day and was bored as hell, so I looked through some magazines and tried my hand in some randome faces! I couldn't make up my mind whether to go with exaggeration or just likeness to focus on, so they kinda cancelled each other out! Dammit!

A piece I did very quickly before getting off of work to pass the time (it took 15 minutes)! The lighting isn't quite what I had in mind, but I'll be doing more until I get it right! if anyone has any lighting suggestions, please feel free to let a dude know!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

What's tha Scenario!?

What it do! This is some more comic stuff! you might remember this green guy from earlier posts! Yeah I really like that guy! An epic drawing done at work yesturday! I'ma do alot more so stay tuned!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Esther Baxter... The G.O.A.T. of Modeling!

This, Ladies and gentleman, is the ever beautiful Esther Baxter! She's well known in the urban modeling world and is music video royalty! She's damn gorgeous and is hard to caricature... so I didn't! I've drawn her many times now( check earlier posts) and felt it was time to draw one and airbrush it! I'm pretty pleased with the results and it was a relatively long one! I spent about 5 or 6 hours working on this piece, mainly because my airbrush kept getting clogged up! I got another model in the can, now what's next!?

** The Process from start to finish**

Part 1: the Sketch

Part 2: Start coloring the flesh

Part 3: Finish the flesh

Part 4: Hair added

Part 5: Bra, Panties and a bit of the jacket

Part 6: A bit more of the jacket

Part 7: Finish jacket

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Colabo.... Again!

Another drawing I think is awesome that Damion did! He wouldn't finish it because his airbrush wasn't 100% (and he decided he didn't like it)! Since I wanted it finished I took it upon myself to get it done! I probably would have done some things differently but its a damn good drawing of me! When he saw it done he still didn't like though.... *sigh*! I tried I guess