Monday, June 7, 2010


I recently saw this movie for the first time! I remember wanting to draw her when it first came out, but I knew I lacked the skill to do so ifficiently at the time! Now, things are different! lol! This was pretty much a study of lighting and overall control with the airbrush! This is 99% freehand airbrushing! I'm rather pleased with the results! Hope ya'll enjoy!
P.S. The movie is awesome!


Damion009 said...

how does this Not have a million comments... IT'S FUCKING AWESOME! dicks will role Sam. DICK WILL ROLE!

GeminiSimone said...

orphan is one of my fave movies and this drawing is perfect great job SAM

Scott said...

Excellent, she scares the shit outa me. Most females do but this one really does.

Miguelangel Acatl said...

Excelente trabajo, las caricaturas estan geniales. FELICIDADES!!!!!

En hora buena!!!

Saludos desde Guadalajara, Jalisco. México.