Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Drawings that never made it to the Finish line!

This is a family portraiture of people close to me that I almost finished and realized I hated it! A lot of good things in it except the likeness wasn't where I wanted it to be. So I quit it! Needless to say I ain't doin again no time soon! Oh well, maybe next time.

This was a random collage from last summer of both people I know and perfect strangers that I drew at work that I took pictures of. At the time I really liked it but just got lazy. Now I just don't care about it. Oh well, maybe the next one I do I'll actually finish! Anyways, enjoy people!


arte do marchini said...

very nice


Anthony Diecidue said...

super AWESOME!!!

ian said...

Man, those are some prime examples of skill! Too bad about the likenesses in the top portrait because its top notch rendering, any of it "fixable"?

Great stuff in the second one too

your fan,

Big Sam said...

It wasn't that I didn't catch the likenesses, it just wasn't strong enough for my preference. At least to be able to call it a portrait! thats all! Thanks guys!

Anonymous said...

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Tooninator said...

cool shit

Jeremy said...

sam these are great!! I cannot wait to see that big colored pencil jam soon! hope all is awesome sir!

Meesimo said...

Love the collage, great Dam!

Anonymous said...

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