Tuesday, September 8, 2009

More Live Caricatures! Big Fun!

These two were alot of fun! I drew a big crowd drawing this one, and their personality demanded it. When I showed them the drawing they went ape over it! They tipped me quite a bit and must have walked by the booth at least 2 or 3 times shouting out my name with excitment! It was crazy!

I'm pretty pleased with this one considering how quick it was done! As business slows I'll be working on my exaggeration skills. Look forward to that! I need alot of input on that subject so when the time comes please let me know what ya'll think! Peace!


Damion009 said...

cool drawings Sam... but the samples in the background are crap!

Big Sam said...

Not my doing, I assure you! ... accept for the good drawings ofcourse! hehe

Meesimo said...

Great post, these rock sir!