Saturday, July 4, 2009

Art of the Month of June!

Her head shape looked funny to me! lol

These were the greatest people I swear! I love his nose! lol

Beautiful Children I must say... the small ones were pissin me off though!

I had these newlyweds dyin laughin with my odd humor. They were great! I love her smile! lol

Eyes baby!

This was promising to be an awesome drawing all the way until I adding highlights with water and back paint spills. BLACK OF ALL COLORS... AND OUT OF ALL PLACES THE FREAKIN NOSE!!! It pissed me off royally let me tell you! They still loved it though.


Damion009 said...

wow man that sucks!!!! oh well! you'll always have true blood! :P

Meesimo said...

Great post! Sucks about the nose spill, but the chair work is rockin.

Derek Edwards said...

You get a really good likeness. Thanks for sharing the great work!

Lil Artroom said...
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Lil Artroom said...

Your simularities are great. I mean your likeness to each person in caricature form is on point Sam.
You should get some good business at doing this job. Must have taken lots of practice?
Thanks for checking out my Myspace page also.