Monday, April 14, 2008

Spring Break Art!

What it do y'all?! I just got off of spring break and I pretty much spent 90 percent of that time drawing (if not more) and playing Smash Bros. Brawl! Me, my boy Dame, and Rob Hume started doing caricatures of models we picked! I picked the first one, which is the near perfect Angel a.k.a Lola Luv! I've drawn her plenty in the past, which I've posted but never did a caricature of her! She's a challenge boy let me tell you! Her face is damn near perfect, however her body is super unique! A super thin waist, hips wider than she is with pencil legs! It took a while to get the face right, and technically I still didn't! But, it's a good piece and I'm proud of it! Check out Rob Hume's blog to see his take on her!
p.s. The background is my first attempt at depicting water! I think I did pretty good!


jert said...

niiiiiiice....I saw your ass sketchbook at the park. your good at drawing big-assed ladies

Tooninator said...

I know this is a throwback, because it's a ways back in the archives, but I think it's solid. You did a great job caricaturing a sexy girl